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FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE 2019 HOLIDAY SEASON purchase my work here and/or from my Etsyshops JoanWAcrossThePond and JoanWIrishArtist. Thank you.
 Find original paintings of London, Ireland, Martha's Vineyard and Brazil. Also, a selection from my CROSSWORD series and some lovely ANIMAL paintings. Prints, cards and books are available as well.

 " For as long as I can remember I have always loved to draw and paint. On rainy days (of which we have many in the land of my birth, Ireland) I would spend hours and hours transferring the images which danced through my mind onto paper by means of a pencil or paintbrush. As I grew, the scenes I depicted were not just from my imagination but were from life. Art has become a visual diary of my journey, from childhood to the present day, in all its forms- real, imagined, spiritual and dreamt.
My work reflects my life's journey, it's diversity,inspiration,familiar and extraordinary."

    Joan Walsh was born in Ireland where she attended the National College of Art and Design (N.C.A.D.) Dublin from 1981 to 1985; she graduated with honors in Glass Design. She has been painting since childhood and received several honorable mentions in the Children's Texaco All-Ireland Art Competition. She became a member of the City of Dublin Vocational Educational Committee Deputy Reserve Teachers in 1987. Her work was exhibited in the Peoples Art Exhibition in Dublin, Ireland from 1986 to 1988. She also participated in group shows in the Bank of Ireland Exhibition Center in Dublin before moving to Martha's Vineyard in 1989.

      • Since the foundation of The Vineyard Artisans Festivals in 1995 she regularly exhibits her work there.
      • In 1999 she was commissioned to create the original artwork for the The Flying Horses Poster. The Flying Horses Carousel is the oldest working one in the U.S.A. and is a National Landmark.
      • In 2003 She created the original artwork for the book The Wampanoag Genealogical History of Martha's Vineyard, written by Dr. Jerome Segel and R. Andrew Pierce and published by The Genealogical Publishing Co., Maryland.
      • In 2004 she illustrated 'The Secret' a children's book written by Island author Merrily Fenner. The book is set on Martha's Vineyard and has been described by The Bunch of Grapes Bookstore as follows "This book has been something of an island phenomenon...we can barely keep it on the shelf!" Merrily's heartwarming story (an homage to her Dad's storytelling) and Joan's marvelous watercolors combine to entertain young and old alike."
      • In March 2005 Joan and Merrily had a book-signing event in The Rathfarnham Bookstore, Dublin, Ireland. They were interviewed on 'The Funday Show' on RTE Radio 1, Ireland'. On Martha's Vineyard they appeared on Plum TV and MVTV talking about 'The Secret'.
      • In 2005 Joan illustrated a book called 'Just About The Right Size' which was written by Author Patricia de Koven and came out in August 2005.
      • In 2006 she illustrated ' Lobstering With My Papa' written by Author Billie Hancock and the book comes with an audio CD by storyteller Susan Klein.
      • In 2007 she illustrated ' Little Streak Wing's Vineyard Adventures' written by Don Davis
      • In 2008 Joan illustrated a second book written by Don Davis called 'Connie-Vineyard Pie Girl'.
      • 'Lost Leprechaun, The Adventures of Bold Brave Seamus'written by Catherine Kelly-Mahon is illustrated by Joan Walsh and has been available since 2009.
      • 2010-2011 Joan illustrated ' Barnacle, A Vineyard Friendship Story'by Steve Cramptom and published by Don Davis
      • ' CHARKY CLAY' by DR. JAY and JOAN debuted in December 2012,followed by 2 more books in the series in 2013.
      • ' A LITTLE GIRL, A LITTLE LAMB', written by Suzanne St. Onge Hammond and illustrated by Joan was published in June 2016. It is a true story of a little girl who adopts a newborn lamb from a farm on Martha's Vineyard.
      • JUNE 2017 EXHIBIT at The Irish Cultural Center Festival, Canton MA. 
      • LONDON 
      • 2018 Opened my 2nd Etsyshop JoanWAcrossThePond
      • 2018 Working on a NEW BOOK  which will be published early 2019
      • 2019 August and September Vineyard Artisans Festivals
      • 2019 Joan will be participating in the Spitafields Arts Market in London in May, June and November.