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Joan Walsh was born in Ireland, she is an International Contemporary Artist and Illustrator. A graduate of the National College of Art and Design Ireland. A versatile multi-disciplinary artist she paints a variety of subjects in several mediums and illustrates Children’s Books. Presently, residing in London Joan shows at the Spitafields Arts Market and at Roy's Art Fair, London, while maintaining strong ties with Martha’s Vineyard, Ireland and Brazil, all of which influence her paintings. 


Spreading Joy through Art by creating, designing and teaching.  


While in the USA, I was honored to have been commissioned by the Preservation Trust Of Martha's Vineyard to create the original artwork for the 'Flying Horses Carousel', the oldest working one in America and is a National Historic Landmark. I have been a member of the Vineyard Artisans Festivals since its foundation in 1995.


Art has always been a part of my journey, it is in my blood. My father gave me a gift of a paintbrush 35 years ago which still holds a proud place in my paint box. While raising my children, I painted them regularly, resulting in a visual diary of our lives. I paint almost daily and believe it is important to make a living doing what you love. Having taught art to elderly people for a long time, I witnessed the joy that creating a painting gave them. Art can indeed be therapeutic and rewarding to both the artist and the viewer!


I have illustrated several childrens books and have learned a great deal while researching for the illustrations I created to express the author's story.
Art is an important part of life in many ways, just imagine how life would be without it... 

Commissions include paintings in Watercolors, Acrylics and Oils in Ireland and the U.S.A. At the National College of Art and Design, Ireland I studied stained glass and executed several works, including windows for a Novitiate in Dublin, Ireland.

My prices range from $12 for the book 'A Little Girl, A Little Lamb.', $15 for some prints and up to $3000 for original illustrations.